Our mission

Clevexel Pharma is a drug development company with a unique business model based on partnership, value creation and risk/benefit sharing.

Pharmaceutical industry is facing a huge challenge as its R&D value chain is eroding. Big pharma companies are mostly focused on developing compounds at clinical stage and ensuring market access whereas drug discoverers have difficulties to find funds or to derisk drug development due to a lack of expertise in pharmaceutical development. Consequently, the number of new drug candidates in clinical development is falling these last years.

Scouting and technical due diligence of innovative projects with competitive advantages addressing unmet needs

Providing operational and financial support in exchange for products rights acquisition

Delivering financial value and enhancing liquidity through post-phase I/II deals

In order to contribute to an improvement in the R&D process, CleveXel’s mission is to bridge the gap between discoverers and Pharma industry, bringing early stage innovations to the industrial phase. CleveXel Pharma is positioned in a strategic segment of the R&D value chain: pharmaceutical development. Located at the junction between biotechnologies and academic institutes, owners of promising projects, and pharmaceutical industry, our activity plays a fundamental role in the success of the final therapeutic product that will be available to the patient. CleveXel Pharma is particularly able to allow biotech companies to cross the “valley of death” that is transforming their innovation in a promising drug candidate to contribute to the pipeline renewal of the pharmaceutical industry.