CleveXel Pharma is a pharmaceutical company specializing in the design and early development of treatments providing innovative solutions to meet unmet patient needs. Our projects combine molecules with recognized mechanisms of action to act on the main pathophysiological processes and a mode of administration, a pharmaceutical form or a combination of effects that make them well-suited and effective treatments for targeted pathologies.

With our common expertise in drug development, we have strong assets to bring these high-potential molecules to clinical proof of concept, an important stage of the value chain. 


CleveXel has a portfolio of projects, at different stages of development, offering unique combinations of action mechanisms or original galenic approaches to address unmet needs such as:

  • the management of non-motor symptoms in movement disorders with mixed adenosine receptor antagonists (CVXL-0069),
  • the reduction, by a topically administered antiradical agent, of mucositis or dermatitis, a major adverse effect of radiotherapy or chemotherapy (CVXL-0095),
  • an action on B and T cells, involved in both the initiation and amplification of immuno-inflammatory processes through the inhibition of the key enzymes SYK and JAK (CVXL-0255),
  • a slowdown of the mechanisms leading to neuronal death via a peptide able to preserve mitochondrial function (CVXL-0301)


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