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At CleveXel, we believe that gathering all the relevant expertise is the key to develop a drug and bring it to the patients. Our business model based on collaboration and partnerships illustrate that belief.

Business development is an integral part of our business strategy and decisive to support our dynamic growth. We welcome opportunities of alliances or partnerships with business partners who could bring our drug candidates to market and allow patients to access our innovative therapeutic solutions.

We are open to different types of alliances that could enhance the project value and benefit for both partners. Regarding our BD&L strategy and the business objectives of our partner, we are prone to design an adapted collaborative approach for a mutually beneficial agreement.

We are continuously evaluating collaboration opportunities for our whole portfolio, but we currently focusing on:

A licensing partner or a co-developer for our mucositis preventive treatment, CVXL-0095 

A licensing partner or a co-developer for our CVXL-0069 drug candidate and CVXL-0255 in human indications

If you are interested in pursuing a collaboration opportunity with CleveXel, please feel free to contact us:

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